Nowadays, it seems like everybody lives life with this sense of entitlement.  As if the world owes us everything and we deserve things just to be given to us.  I question why?   Why do people think  just because they want it, or just because they are born, others should give up what they have for for them?

I look around and I see people who haven’t worked a day in their life act is if they deserve people to give them money, food, clothes, cars, houses, and jobs.  Where did this sense of entitlement come from?  Why have we become such a lazy generation, where we feel like we have every right to sit at home all day and do nothing while others should give us what they have worked hard for?

The fact is, nobody owes us anything!  We are created to work and through that comes a satisfaction of being able to provide the necessities of life.  If we have this mentality of entitlement, then we will go through life without a purpose and always be reliant on other people.  We will become a burden for somebody else to carry and eventually that person will burn out from being your provider.  Everybody in life is called to work in one form or another, but when we sit around and do nothing we are just wasting our lives away.

So for you out there that feel like the world owes you, maybe something bad happened and you have become a victim, or you have been given everything your whole life, or maybe you are just straight up lazy; nobody owes you anything!   If you live your life like that, you will eventually come to realize that you have to get off your butt and make something happen, then it could be too late.  Start young and do something that will be of use for society and the kingdom of God.

Again, nobody owes you anything!  So rise up and make something happen!  Do something with your life that makes an impact.  You can do it, but it will take you making the first step!  God uses the willing people to do great things, so be willing and watch what God will do.  🙂

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forgiven forgiven • March 9, 2017

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