You did WHAT? For free?


Almost 3 years ago God called me to leave everything behind and just go.  Not knowing what I was getting into I soon came to realize that the visa that I ended up coming to New Zealand on was very specific.  As long as I worked for the church and was paid through them, I was ok to stay in the country.  That would require a miracle because the church that I was helping out was really small and did not have the funds to pay a Pastor.   But through God providing me funds to live on, I found myself with a lot of talents that in the States I got paid really good money to do.  But here, if I wanted to stay in this country I couldn’t get paid to do what I did before. That became a huge dilemma because I still wanted to work and have an income so that I am not a burden on the church, which forced me to become fully reliant on God.

But what about all these talents?   As I was praying God told me if you volunteer your time, your talents and give up your life for the sake of the Gospel, I will provide all that you need and so much more.  So that is what I have been doing for the last couple years.  Volunteering my time, talents and life to others.  Although, when you are use to getting a lot of money for your trade, it can be a real mindset change into giving and not expecting anything in return.

But there is something about giving that breaks down the door to peoples hearts and gets them thinking about the “why?”.  Why would anybody leave his home, come into a foreign land, and help people?  Why would they offer the knowledge and skill that they have taken years to build and freely give it out?  Why would anybody spend their time pouring into others and trying to get them to succeed at life?  Why?  Society says that is just a waste of a life!  They say you need to use your time and talents to gain more money and power for your self.  They just don’t get it.  And in fact I didn’t get it either!  I was so worried about having nice cars, a house, and a perfect life that I almost missed out on all that God had for me.

He had to put me in a position where I had no other choice but to give away my life to others for free.  Without expectations!  All because God called me to do it.  It’s crazy what I have seen over the last couple years.  Those “WHY’S” have been an open door into peoples hearts and through that, I have been able to not only share the gospel through my actions, but also through speaking the truth into their lives.  I have seen many people come to Christ and lives transformed all by volunteering what God has given me.  I think we get so caught up in building our kingdom with the talents that God has given us, that we miss out on the purpose of His generosity.  That generosity is given to take part in what God is doing, not to horde up things of this world for ouselves.  If you want to live a life to the fullest, try giving your time and talents to people who don’t know Jesus, but be prepared for them to ask “why?”.

I have done thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work for people all for free.  But it has been worth it, they were blessed, and I was even blessed to give.  Plus, because of this generosity I pray that I will get to see hundreds of people in heaven do to an act of kindness.  There is no amount of money worth more than one soul.

I hope you will be encouraged to do the same, which will require you to stop looking at what you will get out of people, and see how others will be blessed by what you can do for them.

God Bless you…


forgiven forgiven • August 2, 2016

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