We are but a vapor and then forgotten.  As much as I want to believe that my life means so much more, the reality is that within a couple generations I will be forgotten.  I will be a piece to my family lineage that is never thought about or remembered.  That is the reality!  Only a few people will always be remembered throughout History and those are certain people that God uses to do things far greater than what they could do on their own.

So this really got me thinking.  If my life is a vapor and I will shortly be forgotten what is the point of it all?  What is the point of life when it comes and goes so fast?  And for that small period of time how will I be remembered?  I am a small piece in this puzzle called life and then comes death.  Does it really matter what job I work?  Does it really matter how many cars I have?  Does it really matter if I have a house or how big it is? Does it really matter if people like me or not?  Memories fade and people are forgotten and eventually silenced to non existent.

So the question is, “Does our legacy even matter”?

I want to tell you “YES, it does”!

We have to look to eternity for our impact and see that when we live a life passionate about Jesus Christ and speak the truth in love, it has a greater affect on people’s eternal future.  I might not be remembered when I die here on earth, but my hope is that when I get to heaven, my life will have impacted countless people for Jesus so they could spend an eternity in Heaven.  That impact here on earth, if passed down might not have my name attached to it, but the reality is that it isn’t about me, it is about Christ and what He did.  Our job is to point our legacy to God so that He gets all the glory and will last for ever.  We are just lucky enough to be part of what He is doing in this small time period here on earth.

We are but a vapor and we can live our life trying to build a temporary kingdom, or we can leave a legacy that will change people for ever.


forgiven • July 21, 2018

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