Your heart is an extremely precious thing.  It’s a very vulnerable piece of you that reveals who or what you are a slave to.  The person who controls the heart controls the person.  If your heart is wicked, the DEVIL will manipulate you into evil ways doing the things that will push his agenda.  If GOD is the center, the Holy Spirit will change and remold your heart to look more like Christ and His love will permeate your actions.

If a PERSON controls your heart,  it can go either way depending on where their heart is.  If that person is sold out for Christ, they will protect your heart and surround it with the protection of Jesus, putting your needs first.  They will cherish it because they know that it is fragile.  They will also help your heart stay connected to the source of love, which is God, because they know it is foundational for a healthy heartbeat and a better life.

If they are not Christians and live in the way of evil, they will destroy your heart, pushing you into brokenness which could lead to bitterness and tear you apart. We all know that without a healthy heart you die, that means physical and spiritual.   That is why it is critical to protect your heart and not give it to just anybody.  Give it to God who will cherish it, and allow Him to shape it, then when the time is right He will open the door for you to share in His glory with a person who loves God just as much.  Then you will see God at work!


forgiven forgiven • May 12, 2016

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