It seems like the older you get the harder it is to get married.  Most of the good ones seem to be taken and already hitched.  For the rest, it seems like they have been left behind for slim pickens.  So why is it so hard for guys nowadays to find a solid Christian woman?  Maybe they are out there, but men just struggle to see them as beautiful in the eyes of God. ( Read my last blog)

Or maybe it is because there are solid guys out there who love Jesus with all their heart but can’t find that woman running the same race.  They get sidetracked on other guys, giving their precious heart away to somebody who won’t care for it instead of being patient and focusing on the Lord.  I have seen it time and time again where a woman gets into relationships hoping that guy will be the one.  But what they fail to see is all of the red flags that come with him.

Many women hear the words “I am a Christian” and hold onto them as if that is enough.  But then when something comes up in his actions, they turn and pretend that it isn’t a big deal because they think that he will change.  They fail to listen to the wise counsel around them because they think that he is “The One”.  They would rather be with the guy who doesn’t cherish them than be single.  If that means changing everything about herself just so that the guy would stay with her, she would.

A solid Christian man is looking for a woman who is willing to make sacrifices and wait on the Lord.  He wants somebody who is willing to do hard things and come along side of him as a helpmate.  He is looking for a woman of character and somebody who knows how to seek a healthy relationship with Jesus first.  A man wants a partner to love life with; a life friend. Somebody who is running the same race and has the same goal in mind. Isn’t that what you want too? Why would you compromise and settle for anything less than God’s very best for you?

You want a man who sees good character and mature qualities in you. Do they? Would a man love you for who you are, or do you need to bring those undesirable areas to the Lord and focus on growing in this time of being single?

What is better? Being in an unhealthy relationship for life or being single?
Sadly, many women choose to be in an unhealthy relationship before the vows and then expect something different after marriage.

Ladies, you want a guy to love you for who you are and see you’re beautiful inside and out. Men can fall into sexual temptations easy because we are visual beings. When you flash your flesh in front of our face that takes away the focus of seeing your inward beauty and causes us to only see your outward looks. Do you want a man that only sees you as a piece of flesh? That will fade with age and then what will you stand on when you get old and wrinkly?

I have heard it said that how you get a man is usually how you keep him. If a man only sees your looks, you better keep that up for life, which is impossible. If a man falls in love with who you are in Jesus, you will have a stronger foundation for life. But you have to seek Jesus out with your everything just as He must do the same in order to be running the same race.

The question is, what kind of man do you want?  And are you willing to wait on the Lord for Him?  Do you trust God in every area of your life?  Even for a spouse?

Don’t give your heart away so fast because there are many guys out there who will not cherish it, and take advantage of you.  When the time is right, that man will pursue you because of who you are in Christ, and not just because of your outward beauty.  It might be hard, as God works in you to bring you to be more like Him, but the wait will be worth it!

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forgiven • September 9, 2019

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