It seems that people are getting married a lot later in life these days.  I am constantly talking with people about life, dating, marriage and being single.  Most in their 20’s and 30’s and I have began to ask the questions of why? Why are so many people not taking the plunge into the covenant of marriage?  So I started asking the guys and many of them responded with, they just haven’t found the right one yet. Sounds like a good answer right? But I proceeded to ask what they were looking for, and the qualities of the woman were based mainly on the attraction side of things and then they would attach that the girl must be a Christian.

When I asked the ladies, they were happy to give reason for why they felt they were still single.  The number one answer that I got was that there wasn’t many godly guys out there and if so, they didn’t know how rise up to pursue girls in a way that would protect their heart.

That got me thinking about us as men, because that was a big hit to our manhood.  The reality is, for the most part besides the exceptions, many guys don’t know how to be godly men.  And some don’t even know how to be men period, let alone what it means to lead a family. The maturity level of men today is more like boys trying to figure out the basics of life.

Guys nowadays have been so impacted by social media, pornography, television, and other media that it is creating an epidemic of boys who are in search of this unreal fantasy woman they see on their screens.  In doing so, their tainted minds of a false reality leaves them not wanting to compromise unrealistic expectations and that is causing some to not see what is right in front of them. That is reality!

Those who are impacted by that false reality, are the same ones who don’t know how to pursue women in a way that would protect their hearts.  Media has turned women into a piece of flesh that will just satisfy your sexual desires and then push them aside when you are done. Some men have adapted that mindset in real life and don’t know how to look at a woman’s worth.  She is a human being loved by God and created in His image. A princess who is the daughter of the most High and is pure and precious in His eyes.

Men we need to rise up and protect our sisters in Christ.  But that starts with protecting ourselves from what we fill ourselves with.  If we are chasing things to satisfy our flesh, we will miss what God has for us.  We need to start treating ladies with more respect, and when that girl comes into your life, love her the way that Christ does.  Do not take advantage of her but treat her in a way that will allow her to flourish and thrive.

Being a man means taking chances and pursuing her in a godly way.  How do we do that? Very simple, get into the word of God and allow Him to teach you.  And be accountable to somebody who can disciple you and teach the ways of being a real godly man.  Somebody older with life experience. We as men have an extremely hard journey ahead, but we must stay connected so that God can empower us to do it.  We can not sit around and do nothing, but we must rise up and be prepared for what is ahead. Those ladies are waiting for godly men to lead them well.  The question is, will you?

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forgiven • July 24, 2019

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