As her beauty developed she tried to find comfort in that billboard of what society said was attractive. That look of an outward appearance being flawless.  As she looked in the mirror to compare she knew she would have to make make many changes because she wasn’t even close to looking like that. Her hair wasn’t blonde enough so she looked for a good hair stylist to bleach out all the color to bring that golden shine that would make her face glow to be like that image. But she felt like her face needed a lot of work, so her quick fix was to learn how to do her own makeup to look just like girls that she saw one TV. As she started to transform her look, who she was began to change and daily she would watch an mimic those girls that she saw in the movies. She thought to herself, maybe that is what I have to do to get the attention of the guys around me and be liked.

One day she noticed that she didn’t fill out her bathing suit top and felt less of a woman than those girls who flaunted their silicone breast. That pushed her to make an appointment to change who she was by getting a breast augmentation. After the surgery she grew a little bit more confidence in her body and wanted to really grab the attention of her new developments. But in order to do that, she had to change her whole attitude and learn how to show them off in a way that would draw those eyes to her chest.

As she was looking through the magazines, she was looking at the latest fashions and felt if only she had clothes like that. So she jumped in the car, pulled out her credit cards and began the shopping spree getting only clothes that would highlight her body. Tops that were lose enough to see everything if she was to bend over and bottoms that would show every outline and curve.

This outward style change started to get the attention of some guys, and as she walk by, cat calls began to arise and the eyes of guys changed to be more of an up and down motion. They would start at her legs, work their way up to her butt, follow the curves up to her breast, and usually never made it past that. At first she really liked the attention of being noticed. She felt like guys were finally looking at her with the desire to be with her. Every time she would go out, she would get at least a handful of guys numbers.

Did all that change really pay off she thought? “I am finally getting the attention I have always wanted, to be noticed”. This total life transformation had given her a new sense of acceptance into the world of societal popularity.

Time went on, and for a season she really enjoyed this new life. But after a while she started to realize that who she had become wasn’t really who she was. She had been trying for so long to try and please everybody for all this attention that she began to get worn out. Life had taken a toll on her and she still wasn’t satisfied in that Hollywood lifestyle.  She felt more lonely than ever and depression started to kick in.

She longed for something deeper than cat calls and attention. Her relationships were just on the surface because her other girl friends were out to get the same thing, attention from man. She started to realize that all those cat calls were just guys wanting a piece of meat. Nothing more than a quick sexual fix that had left her emptier then she was before all the makeup, breast job, and clothes. She desired a man who would love her for who she was and not who she had become. This emptiness was something that she couldn’t find in a club or from wandering eyes from guys. She felt like there was so much more to life than being eye candy for guys to look at. More than just a satisfaction of a guys lust to have sex. More than just a piece of flesh that would be used and then passed on.

She felt deep down inside that who she was and who she had become were to different things. That lifestyle brought nothing but emptiness and she wanted to know how to find true fulfillment in life. She would do anything to find it and be happy once again.

That was exactly where God wanted her, broken and at a point of full surrender finding no satisfaction in the ways of this world. He had allowed her to choose that lifestyle because He knew it would bring her into His arms. That day she had a strong urge to go to church and started to pray. It was that point that God brought somebody into her life, who was on her way to church that very moment. Still dressed revealing, she ended up going to church and found that people there were more interested in who she was, than what she looked like.  This was a different type of love, one she never experienced in a club or with her friends!

As she sat down next to a really friendly girl, the Pastor started talking about finding your worth in Jesus and not in things of this world. That was it! She knew everything was from God and at that point when the pastor did an altar call, she decided to give her life over to Jesus and had finally found a life of true love and acceptance in God. A love that would teach her that she was created in the image of God and she doesn’t have to dress a certain way or change who she is to please the world. She could come to Christ who she was and that had taken all the pressure off her shoulders and freed her from the bondage that she had been living in all those years of trying to be flawless.

If you are reading this, please understand this; the world will never satisfy that emptiness that your heart is filled with. You can change everything about yourself physically, but unless your heart is transformed in Christ you will always be lonely and unsatisfied. You are created in the image of God, and are extremely special in God’s eyes. So much so, that Jesus died to give you life!

You don’t have to show your body off for attention and the only acceptance you need is what you already have in Jesus. A life that is sold out for God, is a life that is full of love and will be extremely joyful even through the trials. You might be at that point in your life where you are seeking the attention of man, but man can only give you feeble conditional love. Only God can love you with unconditional love, so seek that out because Jesus sees your heart and wants what is best for you. Although a guy might tell you he loves you, be careful because most men see only your flesh and want what is best for himself, to satisfy his lusts.   Choose to go with the one that will always be there and bring you true eternal fulfillment.  Find acceptance in Jesus alone.

If you are struggling with this please talk to one of your Christian girlfriends because it will dramatically change your life and there really is a hope in Jesus Christ 🙂 Your looks will fade as you get older, but who you are in Jesus will make you more beautiful than ever and to a Guy who loves Jesus, that is the most attractive thing ever!


forgiven forgiven • December 9, 2014

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  1. Gidzmo December 26, 2014 - 6:32 am

    Just wondering: How much of this “look-good” mindset starts at home? And how much of what we see in the world carries over into the church?

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