It’s amazing what happens when you open yourself up to be available to God!

We had just pulled up to a village out in Malawi to do a medical clinic and to pray for anybody in that area that needed help.  We brought a medical student to them, which for the village people it is nearly impossible to make it to a hospital because of the cost to get there and the distance.

I got out of the car and started to look around to checkout the area.  After we got planted and setup I stepped away to checkout this church that was made entirely out of clay and brick.  There were sounds coming from it so was wondering what was going on.  I walked over and slowly peeked inside to go unnoticed.  But that was hard being a tall (Azungu) white guy in a village where we don’t exist.  Immediately the teacher started walking toward me, and as I was caught and ready to run, I stood my ground and he introduced himself to me.  I asked him what was going on and he said that it was an English class, and then asked me if I would be willing to help him grade some English papers.

I thought, yeah I know a little English and can spell “house”, why not?  I sat with him and all the kids eyes were focused on the white guy!  They were all standing in line to have me grade their spelling papers.  All done!!!  After, the teacher asked me if I would like to address the class.  I asked what would you have me talk about?  He said anything that I want.

Ding, Ding, Ding!!  We have a winner and an open door to share about the greatest thing to ever happen in this world; Jesus Christ.  I asked if that was ok and he said with a smile, “For sure”.

I took over his chalk board and started to draw out the gospel in the best stick figures I could while one of the guys translated the message.  They were all curious about what I had to say and listening attentively to every word.  At the end of sharing the gospel I did an altar call to see if anybody wanted to follow Jesus and give their lives up to him.  “If you are a Christian, DO NOT RAISE YOUR HAND,” I said.  If you are NOT, and understand the story of the Gospel and want Jesus, then raise your hand high!

About 15 hands darted up with excitement and then a couple more slowly after that.  I was blessed to be able to lead them in the sinners prayer and welcome these kids into the family of God.  That was totally an open door from God and through obedience of sharing the gospel and being faithful, kids were saved for eternity and to be part of it really strengthened my faith.

God gives us opportunities everyday no matter where you are, the question is…
Are you Faithful with them?  Will you step up and share your faith?

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forgiven • November 3, 2017

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