He became very protective of his emotions and who he gave his heart to.  Maybe it had been from past experiences with girls not caring for his most prize possession. But one thing was for sure, it would take a special woman to capture the heart of this man.   She would have to be willing to love him through all the imperfections and mistakes of his past and encourage him through the good and the bad times.  A girl whose heart beat pulsates at the same speed as his, and is so in line with God that the connection would be unbreakable.  Until God brought that special girl, he was willing to wait and focus solely on God’s will without getting side tracked.

For years he waited and nothing ever came from it.  Many girls had filtered through his hearts desire but not one who could capture his heart.  So he waited and watched looking at different qualities in these girls, to see when his love would be awakened; but still nothing.  As he waited, his eyes began to open up to the things that he desired in a woman’s character.  He saw so many amazing women who loved Jesus, but for some reason still no connection.  Each one he found a quality that really stood out and what he saw in these woman would draw his hearts desire to the things that truly mattered in a marriage relationship.

He watch, and waited and found an attraction that began to draw him closer to God.  His eyes began to flutter back and forth from her to other things going on in the room.  She was nothing like he had ever seen before and he couldn’t stop gravitating his stare to the direction she was standing.

Day after day he waited and watched her in different situations to see her character in those circumstances to see if this is the girl he had been waiting for.  He began to notice that in her everything was a foundation of Jesus and that flowed into her DNA.  Just the way she put people first and her selflessness drew him closer with a curiosity to want to know more.

He waited and saw that her identity was strong in the Lord and her boldness to share the love of Christ permeated her heart.  It was contagious and inspired people to be better.  The words she used to love people penetrated straight to their soul and her influence impacted people in a way that glorified the Lord.  She wasn’t interested in pleasing man because she would rather do what was right in the eyes of the Lord regardless of what people would say or do.  As people would be hurting they were drawn to her because they knew that she could be trusted with their deepest darkest secrets without condemnation, while at the same time she would lead them to the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

He waited and just watched trying not to intervene but wanted to see her for who she really was.  Her unadulterated purity left her heart moldable and teachable with the humility to set her pride aside and be humble before God.  When she would pray, her spirit was strong and fully connected to God in such a way that her closeness to her heavenly father was coveted by those who wanted just a taste of God’s goodness.  When she sang worship to the Lord, it left even the best of the angels in tears and everybody tingly and full of goosebumps from the sound of her sweet voice.  From a distance she caught his eye and his desires were to only be part of her life.  He found what he was looking for and so much more in God’s beautiful creation.

Tears ran down his eyes because this had been the day he had waited for.  He had been watching her to see who she really was and finally came to the conclusion that she was the one that he wanted to love for the rest of his life.  So as he decided that today would be the day that he would approach her, he walked up to her and introduced himself.  She looked him in the eyes and as their eyes lock, both of their hearts sank and she said “I have been waiting for this day and watching to see who you were.”  With big smiles on both of their faces, right then they knew this match was from the Lord and it would not be broken.

They both waited and watched because they trusted the Lord with the desires of their heart.  Will you do the same?


forgiven forgiven • August 20, 2015

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