Gifts can be an amazing thing on one condition; they are accepted.

You can give somebody the best gift in the world but if they don’t accept it, it is pointless.  You can give somebody all the diamonds in the world but if they reject it, the diamond is insignificant.  You can even walk up to a homeless man and give him all the money in the world, but if he doesn’t reach out his hands to grab it, the money is useless.  You can be the best person in the whole universe going out of your way for somebody but if that person doesn’t want anything to do with you, it is meaningless.  You can give somebody all your love, but if they can’t love themselves, they won’t understand it.

Gifts are useful if they are taken in with thankfulness.  If they are not received with welcomed arms, they will not be appreciated.  When a gift is accepted, and a person finds happiness in it, that happiness is contagious rubbing off on the giver.  We all love giving good gifts because of the excitement on the persons face when they receive it.  But we feel bad when that person wants nothing to do with the gift.  We can feel as though we wasted our time and money on a person who could care less.

God has given us a gift!  That gift is His only son who came and died on a cross for our sins.  We didn’t do anything to receive this gift, but God gives Him to us so that we can be reconciled back to Himself.  This gift is far better than diamonds, better than money, and better than anything else this world has to offer.  But the stipulation is that you have to welcome this gift into your life and fully accept it.  This Gift is the Gift of life!

What will you do with this gift?  Accept it with joy or reject it?  Accepting it means an abundant life for all eternity in Heaven while rejecting it means eternal separation from God in Hell.  We all have a choice to make before we die. I hope you will open your arms to Jesus Christ and the gift of life that He brings through laying down his life on the Cross.


forgiven forgiven • October 24, 2014

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