It’s funny the things we do when we want something.  People will react in different ways according to how they learned to get what they wanted when they were growing up.  If you are use to getting your way and something stops you from doing that, we all resort back to finding a way to change the situation in order to get what we want.  Sometimes it can be extremely manipulative and other times it can be out of habit.  We might begin to play games with that person, saying things and doing things to put them down, or make them think about how they need to change who they are to make you happy.  We find ourselves dropping hints at people expecting them to understand what we are thinking, and if they don’t, we get angry because they can’t read our minds.  Or we might even gossip to other people to gain favor in order to feel good about our selfish decisions.

Your motives play a big role in how you live life.  When they are filled with selfishness and wanting to gain things for you, then doing whatever it takes to get it isn’t a problem.  If you are the most important person in the world, what does it matter if you hurt others to get what you want, right?

We need to look at every situation in life and see who is the center of gain.  When “I” am the center, it can be dangerous and ruin relationships.  “I/ME” means that you are far more important than anybody else and your desires of what you want are the only thing that matters.  When you are the center of gain, the other person becomes a pawn for getting what you want.  They are become somebody that you have in your life for personal use, and when they don’t make you happy anymore, it is easy to do away with them.  This can be on many different levels, it doesn’t have to be extreme and obvious.  It can even be as little as having somebody hang out with you to make you feel better.  But regardless, it is selfish gain.

Our society says that you should get everything that you want and you can do whatever you want to get it and that you can’t let anybody or anything hold you back from fulfilling that desire!  But that is contrary to what God tells us.  He tells us to love one another, which is not self seeking.  Real love is laying down your life for another in a way that they gain.  When that happens we bless others in a way that God gets full glory.  God wants us to live selfless because we are meant to live together helping each other and lifting each other up, not sucking the life out of people until they are dry and lifeless.

This is extremely hard to do, because we want to be happy and be the center of gain.  And quiet frankly, this is impossible on our own strength.  We need to be filled with the love of Christ, and through that constant filling we will find that our motives will begin to change to fit His desires, and Jesus will be the center of Gain.  A life filled with Christ is selfless unconditional love, where the worlds way of life is selfish and conditional.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit today and watch your motives become more selfless.


forgiven forgiven • September 1, 2016

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