We live in a society of people who are extremely confident in themselves. We look to idolize talent and elevate humans as somebody to be like. And that causes people to want to strive to be in the spotlight and get that recognition.

When I first moved to LA, I notice a commonality in the Hollywood scene. Everybody seemed to be these amazing people who could do all things. I was like man, I stepped into an ocean of some of the most talented people in the world. When I would talk to these people, they would always say they were big time. If they were an actor, they would claim to have done all these big movies, or know the stars who were in them.

I knew a guy, and when you would talk to him, you would think he had done some of the greatest films in all of history. In his eyes, he was the greatest film maker who ever existed. The problem was when I looked at his work I thought to myself, the stuff I created when I first started doing video production was better than his best work. And that was horrible!!!

But the reality is, especially as Americans we like to elevate our self and talk highly about our accomplishments and embellish those things that really weren’t anything great. We have created this false reality in culture where everything looks and sounds better than it really is. These exaggerations put us at the center of attention and draw the spotlight to us so that we can feel good about ourselves. But the problem with this is that the deeper you go into this, the more you have to exaggerate your stories in order to keep the attention. There becomes a never ending battle of trying to be somebody you are not, just to satisfy the attention of others.

Look at social media. Do you live life just to post on your feed? Are you always looking for the next best thing just to show the world that you are happy or have a great life? The reality is, the life that you portray or say you live isn’t even close to reality. The reality is you could be longing for people in your life to just love you the way you are and be ok with your flaws and imperfections. You can live your life pretending you are somebody you aren’t and think of yourself in an unrealistic perception, or you can do as Paul says in Romans:

“Do not think of yourself more highly that you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgement..” Romans 12:3

If you look at yourself and think you are a gift to mankind from God and the greatest thing on earth, your heart is filled with pride. God opposes the proud and will not be on your side with you taking the center stage away from Him. But He also gives grace to the humble. We have no reason to look at our self and think that we are perfect, or close to it. In perspective to Gods holiness, we are all filthy sinners who have no right to puff our heart up with pride. We need to see our self for who we are… in need of God’s grace and mercy, and only out of His love will we find that.

I challenge you to be in the word, because for me that is constant reminder of how much I need Jesus Christ, and allows my heart to overflow with humbleness due to His love.  When you start to see you for who you really are, God becomes the center of everything and His grace and mercy will overflow out of you creating a heart of thankfulness.  Memorize that verse and squash out all pride!


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forgiven forgiven • September 16, 2017

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