What would they say?

There is something amazing when two people come together and a connection is made. Think of marriage for instance. That second when their eyes connect for the first time and nothing else in the world matters because they are so enthralled by each other. That connection is a very special thing! But this doesn’t always…

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Missionary Life.

Life as a missionary isn’t easy, in fact it is a life of self denial and service to the people in which you are ministering to.  All your desires become less about you and more about the people you are serving.  Before I left I didn’t fully know what I was getting myself into.  I…

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Labor In Vain

One morning I woke up totally stressed about what I had to do for the day.  I jumped out of bed quickly got ready and drove to work to get right into my day.  I was just bombarded with graphic job after graphic job and it was pretty overwhelming.  Then I rushed from work to…

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