Do your words Matter?

The question is… Do the words that we speak about others really matter? You can’t turn on any form of media nowadays without listening to the opinions of other people.  And for me, it is very rare to hear anything positive and encouraging from the mouths of those talking about others.  But how does that…

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Words Came out!

Recently God has been showing me the power of speaking words and how they really can effect people.  So many times I have been talking with somebody and all of a sudden words start coming out of my mouth and I can’t stop them!!   Sometimes they have been really wise and totally from the Lord,…

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I have read the letter from Paul to Timothy countless times and never have I read this part until last night.  For the first time God was opening up my eyes to this one line that had so much depth and meaning in it.  I can’t find much about Demas in the bible but we…

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She Didn’t Even Know

Dun Dah Da Duhhh… I was riding along in my superhero car that I call the blue bucket! This thing is a total beast! The front of the car is held together by duct tape and has scratches all over the place. But don’t let this Trav Mobil fool you, the gas mileage is amazing…

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You are not right!

So much has been going on here in Australia, and I am just blown away at God’s faithfulness and blessings.  As I go about praying and looking for opportunities to bring the gospel to the local people of Sydney, God is growing my faith and showing me things about myself that I never knew. I…

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More Than Words

Have you ever known somebody that has all the right words, but how they deliver what they say ruins the point they are trying to get across? I was watching this interview on youtube about this girl that seemed to have a lot of great things to say about Jesus Christ, but when she spoke,…

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