Where have all the godly women gone?

It seems like the older you get the harder it is to get married.  Most of the good ones seem to be taken and already hitched.  For the rest, it seems like they have been left behind for slim pickens.  So why is it so hard for guys nowadays to find a solid Christian woman? …

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Is It Really LOVE?

When you love somebody, there is always an action.  Without any actions, love does not exist.  So, what exactly is love?  We throw the “L” word around as an everyday word, used throughout our day.  I love TV, I love my dog, I love playing soccer, but when it comes to people it should be…

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The Chase

I have never been the type of guy that would go hard and chase after a woman.  I have always felt that I would trust God and just wait to see if that relationship was from God or not.  In a way, it was easy to protect my heart when the relationship ended.  I would…

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From a Guys Perspective!

As humans we are so encapsulated by the world’s standards that we forget to sit back and understand that there is nobody in this world that is worth impressing but Jesus Christ. And even then He loved us so much he gave his life for you and I even while we were sinners… I really…

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