Where have all the godly MEN gone?

It seems that people are getting married a lot later in life these days.  I am constantly talking with people about life, dating, marriage and being single.  Most in their 20’s and 30’s and I have began to ask the questions of why? Why are so many people not taking the plunge into the covenant…

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A girl name ENTITLED!

I ran into a girl named Entitled yesterday.  She had a very interesting story.  From a young age she had been born into a family that gave her everything that she wanted.  “No” was not in her vocabulary because the parents felt that if they said “no”, it would take away her happiness.  As she…

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She longed for more!

Her heart was hurting and there was something that she longed for deep down inside but she couldn’t pinpoint it. There was something missing in the relationship and she didn’t know what it was.  He showered her with gifts, flowers, spoke nice words, but it just wasn’t enough.  He had made her the center of…

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Something About This Girl!

There was something about her that I just couldn’t figure out.  It was like she had a glow that shined brighter than anybody I knew.  There was a permanent smile on her face that could get you through life with total comfort.  How could she flow with so much joy in her life?  No matter…

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Are you seeking a perfect person?

The Story that I am about to tell is me being real for the sake of transparency and hope that others will know that they are not alone in this world.  Society has manipulated human standards and it is good to bring this to light. In 1998, I took my first Photoshop class in High…

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