Loving Jesus VS Being a Christian

I woke up with this on my mind and it really was a message to me. But I decided to write it because I know it will impact many others that call themselves Christians. When I was 13 I gave my life to Jesus and started to call myself a Christian. I would pick up…

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You did WHAT? For free?

Almost 3 years ago God called me to leave everything behind and just go.  Not knowing what I was getting into I soon came to realize that the visa that I ended up coming to New Zealand on was very specific.  As long as I worked for the church and was paid through them, I…

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Honeymoon with God – Mt Cook D2

So it was time to move on, we jump in the car and headed out.  On the way while driving we stopped and started talking to a bird. He was a very special bird that was telling the story of the fish that he caught. I snapped a picture of him telling us how big…

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Eh Cues Me

I had just walked out of CVS fully loaded with a fresh stock of well needed toilet paper and coffee creamer.  As I was heading to my car fully excited about this amazing bag of goodies I heard a voice in the distance “Eh Cues Me”?  I started to look around to see what was…

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Relationship or Religion?

There seems to be this theme of prayer lately throughout my everyday experience.  I went to a conference and the pastor said something that just blew my mind.  He said that on average Pastors pray no more than 15 minutes a day.  15 minutes a day?  That seems unreal to think that the leaders of…

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An Interesting Encounter

I went into Starbucks to get into word last night but as I walked in, it was packed.  There didn’t seem to be a good spot to sit down, lay out my books and read.  So I went ahead and ordered my large vanilla spice latte in hopes that a seat would open up and…

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