Travanna-Travis and Johanna

Travis & Johanna – Our Story of How We Met

It’s early 2019. He lives in LA and I in Germany. Both of us working jobs to get back on our feet after years of missions. Both no longer in any relationships or no current interests. I worked at a sweet little coffee shop and was acclimating to German culture again. Something I really enjoyed…

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Travis and Johanna how we met

 Travis & Johanna – Our Story before we met

   Travis & Johanna – Our Story before we met | We love sharing our story because it’s not just about us. It’s really a story of God’s faithfulness and grace in our lives. Everyone’s life journey is unique, but we hope ours sparks a new hope in your heart for what God wants to…

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IAMFORGIVEN – What does it mean?

  IAMFORGIVEN – What does it mean? What does that even mean? What am I forgiven of… and who forgave me? I was hoping you would ask. In 2009, I started IAMFORGIVEN because the fact that I am forgiven has been a complete game-changer for me. Forgiveness has literally saved and changed my life. And…

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My Life

As I sit here and go through old pictures of me as a child up until today, I look back at my life and see all the amazing times that I had.  All the blessings and the experiences that God has allowed me to be involved in has brought great awe to me through it…

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Loving Jesus VS Being a Christian

I woke up with this on my mind and it really was a message to me. But I decided to write it because I know it will impact many others that call themselves Christians. When I was 13 I gave my life to Jesus and started to call myself a Christian. I would pick up…

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I AM FORGIVEN.  I have had countless people ask me what that means and where it comes from.  They ask, Forgiven?  What did you do?  Or ask what I have been forgiven from? When I started Forgiven Photography, I wanted to do something that had more meaning than just taking pictures for people.  I wanted…

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Am I Unworthy of Marriage!

Sometimes in life we can’t fully understand the bigger picture of why we have to go through what we experience.  All we can do, is have hope in God, for He knows what is best for us and allows us to struggle through trials to build our character to become more like Him.  For me,…

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People watching can be fun!

I use to sit and wonder why people did what they did and chose the lives that they do.  I have always loved people watching and trying to figure out their stories on how they became who they are today.  What decisions did they make and experiences did they have in order to become the…

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Something About This Girl!

There was something about her that I just couldn’t figure out.  It was like she had a glow that shined brighter than anybody I knew.  There was a permanent smile on her face that could get you through life with total comfort.  How could she flow with so much joy in her life?  No matter…

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Australia / New Zealand 2014

Mid January 2014 I will be heading out to the land down under to help win people to Christ, equip them to be disciples and make disciples, and then encourage them to go out and do the same.  When I was there at the beginning of the year, I really questioned how one of the…

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