Singleness, the unbearable sin.

I have been lucky enough to experience 37 years on this earth. Most of that life has been single.  When I was 19, I fully committed my life to Jesus and decided that I wasn’t going to waste my time pouring into something that was only going to gratify my sexual desires.  I wanted something…

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Look what I got!

Two men had just walked through the gates of heaven to see a sign that said: “GET YOUR TREASURES HERE”.  They both jumped in line to see what they would receive. The first man walks up to the desk and the clerk asks, “What was your name on earth?”   He replied “Modest Jones”.   The Clerk…

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He knew my name

Every morning I go into Starbucks to enjoy my vanilla latte, read my bible and have my daily devotion. This is the time that God speaks to me through His word and shows me areas of my life where He wants to come in and make better. Not only that but I get to build…

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A girl name ENTITLED!

I ran into a girl named Entitled yesterday.  She had a very interesting story.  From a young age she had been born into a family that gave her everything that she wanted.  “No” was not in her vocabulary because the parents felt that if they said “no”, it would take away her happiness.  As she…

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Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

Growing up, we all remember our parents telling us certain things that we thought were just to control us and take away our fun.  And right after that comes those famous last words, “Just wait until you have kids and you will see!”  For me my mom was always wanting to know what I was…

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I really question if many human beings understand what true love is.  I have heard many different opinions on what people think it is, but when they have to pin it down to something simple it becomes a challenge.  They say things like its an emotion that they feel or something they enjoy.  Things they…

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He only wanted ONE thing.

Life began to get really busy and work started to take priority in his life.  He had the entire family relying on him to make money so that they could eat and have a roof over their heads.  But as work required more from him, his time became less and less with his family and…

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He was dirty!

I jumped out of bed, gave a good stretch and headed to the shower to start my day.  It wouldn’t be a great start if I didn’t spend a little time with God.  So after getting ready, I headed outside to enjoy the back yard of the place I was staying.  I just sat there…

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The look that led to Destruction

It started with just one look as his eyes gravitated to another woman.  That look turned into a stare, and from that stare the thought of “what if” permeated his mind.  As he began to entertain those thoughts he would position himself in a place to test the waters and see how much he could…

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Tall Poppy Syndrome

I can always tell when an American is around when I travel.  There is this confidence about them that says I can do it.  Usually the dead giveaway is the fact that they are the loudest person in the room and they don’t really care what other people have to say or think.  I have…

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