Singleness, the unbearable sin.

Singleness, the unbearable sin. I have been lucky enough to experience 37 years on this earth. Most of that life has been single.  When I was 19, I fully committed my life to Jesus and decided that I wasn’t going to waste my time pouring into something that was only going to gratify my sexual…

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Am I Unworthy of Marriage!

Sometimes in life we can’t fully understand the bigger picture of why we have to go through what we experience.  All we can do, is have hope in God, for He knows what is best for us and allows us to struggle through trials to build our character to become more like Him.  For me,…

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Asking the wrong questions

All you single Christians out there or if you have ever been single will know what I am talking about when I say that I have experienced a lot of conversations that go like this: Scenario 1 : Other Person : How are you doing? Me : Great, I have been totally blessed with this…

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