Where have all the godly women gone?

It seems like the older you get the harder it is to get married.  Most of the good ones seem to be taken and already hitched.  For the rest, it seems like they have been left behind for slim pickens.  So why is it so hard for guys nowadays to find a solid Christian woman? …

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A Christian Man’s perspective of a desirable woman

Years ago I was asked a very unique question about what I found beautiful in a woman.  My answer consisted of a bunch of features that I liked and all based on appearance.  I would also throw in the “she must also love Jesus”, just to hit some areas of character and not sound to…

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Unrealistic Marriage Expectations

At the age of 18 I was engaged to a woman whom I thought I was going to marry. I had it all figured out and was the master of marriage; so I thought. What I have learned over the years from my relationships and from watching others, is how far off I was when…

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Need a Relationship Reset?

Smart phones can be a love / hate relationship for me.  When you first get them they are super fast and everything normally works just the way you want them to.  Click a button and boom your application is up and running.  But what happens, is then you start to install more apps. You add…

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He was lonely!

His head was down texting away with not having a clue what was going on around him.  When he was done with that text he would immediately check his Facebook to see if anybody had sent him a message.  Nothing!  So he looked up for a little bit and then immediately started to look at…

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The Relationship Tank

The other day I was filling up my gas tank and started thinking about what you put into your car and how it actually matters.  There is something very specific that is needed to make your car move, and that is gas.  If I try to put anything else into the gas tank, it will…

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I am to blame, not you!

Pride can come in many different ways, but no matter how you look at it, it is still stemmed in selfishness.  I look back a long time ago when I was together with my ex-girlfriend and I knew that it was time that the relationship was coming to an end.  We just were not a…

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You might call me weird, but from the start I have always been a math person.  There is something about problem solving with a definite answer that I loved to try and figure out.  I started with learning how to count my ninja turtles, then moved into the more advanced stuff as I got older. …

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Relationships are a Team Sport!

I absolutely love team sports.  Just the idea of having to work with others to accomplish the same goal can turn into a fun challenge.  The teams that do well are the ones that have the players that can learn how to adapt and work within each others strengths, while understanding their own.  The greatest…

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FOMO- Fear of Missing Out

I like to consider myself a man of commitment who tries to always be a person of my word.  Because of this I feel like loyalty and long term dedication requires a strong sense of waiting on the Lord.  But the problem comes in also wanting the very best and not settling for less, so…

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