Where have all the godly women gone?

It seems like the older you get the harder it is to get married.  Most of the good ones seem to be taken and already hitched.  For the rest, it seems like they have been left behind for slim pickens.  So why is it so hard for guys nowadays to find a solid Christian woman? …

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The look that led to Destruction

It started with just one look as his eyes gravitated to another woman.  That look turned into a stare, and from that stare the thought of “what if” permeated his mind.  As he began to entertain those thoughts he would position himself in a place to test the waters and see how much he could…

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For Your Protection

When we look back at history we see that when a city wanted protection from their enemies they would build a wall around the city to keep them out.  If the wall was big enough and strong enough it would be extremely hard to penetrate and take over. = Proverbs 25:28  Like a city whose…

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