He knew my name

Every morning I go into Starbucks to enjoy my vanilla latte, read my bible and have my daily devotion. This is the time that God speaks to me through His word and shows me areas of my life where He wants to come in and make better. Not only that but I get to build…

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FOMO- Fear of Missing Out

I like to consider myself a man of commitment who tries to always be a person of my word.  Because of this I feel like loyalty and long term dedication requires a strong sense of waiting on the Lord.  But the problem comes in also wanting the very best and not settling for less, so…

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Do Not Give up!

When I left the USA to come out here to New Zealand, my mind set was to go and do whatever God wanted me to do.  Never did I think that almost 2 years later I would still be here.  For me, I know that God has called me out here to raise up leaders…

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Chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self

  For you that are old enough to know who Ice Cube is, will know what I mean by “Chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self”.   When you take this chorus out of his original context of him being the one not to mess with and put it into a context of our salvation…

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