Do your words Matter?

The question is… Do the words that we speak about others really matter? You can’t turn on any form of media nowadays without listening to the opinions of other people.  And for me, it is very rare to hear anything positive and encouraging from the mouths of those talking about others.  But how does that…

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Nowadays, it seems like everybody lives life with this sense of entitlement.  As if the world owes us everything and we deserve things just to be given to us.  I question why?   Why do people think  just because they want it, or just because they are born, others should give up what they have for…

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I miss the good old days before social media

Oh the times have changed and I really miss the good ol’ days!   I miss the days when we didn’t have so much technology and ways to “stay connected” or “really be unconnected”.  In reality the more social media I get involved with the more I feel like we are going backwards in time and…

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