Look what I got!

Two men had just walked through the gates of heaven to see a sign that said: “GET YOUR TREASURES HERE”.  They both jumped in line to see what they would receive. The first man walks up to the desk and the clerk asks, “What was your name on earth?”   He replied “Modest Jones”.   The Clerk…

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It’s amazing that you can read the bible, and even quote scripture but still not fully understand it until God gives you a true revelation of what it means.  In the book of Matthew Chapter 5 Jesus sees the crowds and walks up the mountain side and sits down.  His disciples then follow him up…

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Are You Free?

Money is the root of all evil!!  Right? Actually money in itself is not evil, the actual scripture says “the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evils.” 1 Timothy 6:10 Money is not bad, it just an object that can’t do anything by itself.  What the scripture talks about is that…

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I am not sure if you remember this name Tupac Shakur.  But I was a HUGE fan of his music.   I followed and idolized everything that he did.  When he would release a new cd, I was the first one at the music store to buy it.  If you came into my room you would…

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Once upon a time there was this kid who was sitting in his living room with his parents watching TV and noticed a big beautiful house on the cliffs over looking the ocean. The little boy looked at it and said “some day I will build my own house on a cliff over looking the…

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