Singleness, the unbearable sin.

I have been lucky enough to experience 37 years on this earth. Most of that life has been single.  When I was 19, I fully committed my life to Jesus and decided that I wasn’t going to waste my time pouring into something that was only going to gratify my sexual desires.  I wanted something…

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A Christian Man’s perspective of a desirable woman

Years ago I was asked a very unique question about what I found beautiful in a woman.  My answer consisted of a bunch of features that I liked and all based on appearance.  I would also throw in the “she must also love Jesus”, just to hit some areas of character and not sound to…

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He was lonely!

His head was down texting away with not having a clue what was going on around him.  When he was done with that text he would immediately check his Facebook to see if anybody had sent him a message.  Nothing!  So he looked up for a little bit and then immediately started to look at…

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I will miss you!

He had lived a life of struggles and pain, some self afflicted and some were out of his control.  Two years ago I was looking for a place to live and God brought me to this house where I met this guy named David.  He was an older gentleman but super nice and I felt…

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New Zealand 2017 (UPDATE)

In 2014 I gave up my entire life and jumped on a plane not knowing where God would take me.  All I know is that God said “GO”.  What would that look like?  How would life look when all your comfort is taken away and all I could do was to trust that God would…

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Relationships are a Team Sport!

I absolutely love team sports.  Just the idea of having to work with others to accomplish the same goal can turn into a fun challenge.  The teams that do well are the ones that have the players that can learn how to adapt and work within each others strengths, while understanding their own.  The greatest…

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Everything but Jesus

We just finished up church and wanted to spend more time together before coming back to NZ.  So there is no better place to hang out than Denny’s, because of the infamous legend, Hipolito.  The night went on and it started to get late so all of us started walking out, said good bye to…

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Not good for man to be alone

With aging comes experiences and life lessons. The older I get the more I sit and contemplate this idea of living life. In the bible there is one scripture that is tossed around as a promise that every single person holds on to. “It is not good for man to be alone.” And then you…

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10 Ways To Be A Better Man! (1 Timothy 3)

I can not take credit for anything that you see listed below.  It is the inspired word of God from Paul to Timothy on how to be an overseer of the church.  However, I believe these are all principles that will help us become better men.  They will build our character to mimic the type of…

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Fear of failure almost ruined my life.

Growing up, having the 3rd child syndrome caused me to always look for ways to get attention and be noticed.  But for me I had two older brothers that were good at everything they did.  So in a way, that pushed me to want to excel and be better than both of them.   So…

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