Look what I got!

Two men had just walked through the gates of heaven to see a sign that said: “GET YOUR TREASURES HERE”.  They both jumped in line to see what they would receive. The first man walks up to the desk and the clerk asks, “What was your name on earth?”   He replied “Modest Jones”.   The Clerk…

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Eyes To See

I just don’t know how to explain it all… For some reason God has changed my heart to see something in people that nobody else can see.  I guess He has been answering that prayer of giving me His eyes to see people, so that the external surface that people have, has been wiped away…

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Look at Me!

So many times we want to put our self on a pedestal and be noticed by our peers so we can feel good about ourselves.  We try to wheeze our way into the spotlight just so that we can get some credit for what is going on.  We want to be seen as an important…

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