Do your words Matter?

The question is… Do the words that we speak about others really matter? You can’t turn on any form of media nowadays without listening to the opinions of other people.  And for me, it is very rare to hear anything positive and encouraging from the mouths of those talking about others.  But how does that…

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My Life

As I sit here and go through old pictures of me as a child up until today, I look back at my life and see all the amazing times that I had.  All the blessings and the experiences that God has allowed me to be involved in has brought great awe to me through it…

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Put to Death all that is unhealthy!

It seems like every where we turn now a days, somebody is diagnosed with some sort of life threatening disease. I have experienced this first hand in my family with my dad being attacked with cancer. That was the first time that I saw a disease take over a body and destroy what was once…

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My entire life I was raised in this bubble called America, where my world view was shaped by the music I listened to, the TV and movies I watched, and the people I was around. My goals and visions were based on how I can impress people with all that I have accomplished and material…

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My birthday was yesterday and I realized that I am one year older.  Funny how that works!  Each year God takes you through a journey that will grow you, teach you and allow you to gain more wisdom.  The older you are, the more life experience you have, and that can either be good or…

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He was lonely!

His head was down texting away with not having a clue what was going on around him.  When he was done with that text he would immediately check his Facebook to see if anybody had sent him a message.  Nothing!  So he looked up for a little bit and then immediately started to look at…

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I will miss you!

He had lived a life of struggles and pain, some self afflicted and some were out of his control.  Two years ago I was looking for a place to live and God brought me to this house where I met this guy named David.  He was an older gentleman but super nice and I felt…

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Life as a Missionary

I really wish I could sit here and tell you that living a life as a missionary is pretty simple, but the reality of it is that not everybody can do this.  Not everybody is willing to give up their comforts of life and walk by faith into the unknown, having to fully trust God…

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He only wanted ONE thing.

Life began to get really busy and work started to take priority in his life.  He had the entire family relying on him to make money so that they could eat and have a roof over their heads.  But as work required more from him, his time became less and less with his family and…

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Today I turned the big 35 years old!!!  I know, I know I only look like I am 26 but please just believe me.  🙂  As I sit here and think about my life, all I can do is wonder where time went?  It seemed like yesterday I was 16 going in to get my…

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