Look what I got!

Two men had just walked through the gates of heaven to see a sign that said: “GET YOUR TREASURES HERE”.  They both jumped in line to see what they would receive. The first man walks up to the desk and the clerk asks, “What was your name on earth?”   He replied “Modest Jones”.   The Clerk…

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My birthday was yesterday and I realized that I am one year older.  Funny how that works!  Each year God takes you through a journey that will grow you, teach you and allow you to gain more wisdom.  The older you are, the more life experience you have, and that can either be good or…

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You did WHAT? For free?

Almost 3 years ago God called me to leave everything behind and just go.  Not knowing what I was getting into I soon came to realize that the visa that I ended up coming to New Zealand on was very specific.  As long as I worked for the church and was paid through them, I…

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I have read the letter from Paul to Timothy countless times and never have I read this part until last night.  For the first time God was opening up my eyes to this one line that had so much depth and meaning in it.  I can’t find much about Demas in the bible but we…

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Do you Believe?

Sometimes in life there will be a question that will get you thinking to a point that you might not be able to sleep at night.  For me, I was watching this movie the other night and one simple question rocked my mind and started to challenge my very existence.   In one of the opening…

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How much am I worth?

Working for a company is a very interesting way of life.  When you get a job you have the ability to negotiate your worth by the salary that is offered and talked about with you and your employer.   If they feel that you could be a strong asset to the company they might be willing…

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This is not our home!

For most of us we spend out entire life trying to build something that we can be comfortable with.  When we are born into our family who takes us in, and we start to establish that connection with our mom and dad.  Then we start to grow up, for some of us brothers and sisters…

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My First Date Since The Honeymoon. Pt 2

Read Part 1 After almost dying, I was a little shook up but had to get out and see if the car was in good enough condition to drive back.  I walked around to the other side, and there was just a big dent in the bumper!  With the impact that I had on the…

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