He knew my name

Every morning I go into Starbucks to enjoy my vanilla latte, read my bible and have my daily devotion. This is the time that God speaks to me through His word and shows me areas of my life where He wants to come in and make better. Not only that but I get to build…

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Loving Jesus VS Being a Christian

I woke up with this on my mind and it really was a message to me. But I decided to write it because I know it will impact many others that call themselves Christians. When I was 13 I gave my life to Jesus and started to call myself a Christian. I would pick up…

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Are you a Victim or Victor?

I don’t know if you have ever experienced the messiness of life, but it can be tough sometimes to want to continue to keep moving forward.  I want to ask you, what do you do when you face trials?  When you lose your job? When your boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you?  When you feel like…

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The Center of Gain

It’s funny the things we do when we want something.  People will react in different ways according to how they learned to get what they wanted when they were growing up.  If you are use to getting your way and something stops you from doing that, we all resort back to finding a way to…

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Going to the Altar

Abraham was challenged with a situation that could have been the hardest choice that he could have ever possibly faced.  Around the ripe age of 75, God made a promise that through his lineage the Messiah would come into this world.  It wasn’t until 25 years later that he finally ushered his son Issac into…

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People watching can be fun!

I use to sit and wonder why people did what they did and chose the lives that they do.  I have always loved people watching and trying to figure out their stories on how they became who they are today.  What decisions did they make and experiences did they have in order to become the…

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Your Accident Is Unacceptable!

I must say that I absolutely love our Youth Group.  God has really given me an amazing group of leaders and kids to minister to.  Each week when Monday comes around, I get really excited knowing that I get to hang out with some amazing teenagers.  To see them grow and mature in their faith…

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The Christian Life!

“Come to Jesus and your life will be perfect and everything will be all good!”  That statement is such a lie!  When I came to Christ, everything became harder, and life seemed only to fall apart.  Things were not perfect, and things were not amazing!  Just like anybody else going through life, it was tough…

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It Wasn’t My Fault

Through the years, I have created a protective shield from failure. I hate failure with a passion because my whole life had been trying to earn acceptance from people. And when I didn’t get it, I felt like I had failed them and myself. That feeling of letting people down was a pattern in my…

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Gifts can be an amazing thing on one condition; they are accepted. You can give somebody the best gift in the world but if they don’t accept it, it is pointless.  You can give somebody all the diamonds in the world but if they reject it, the diamond is insignificant.  You can even walk up…

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