Where have all the godly MEN gone?

It seems that people are getting married a lot later in life these days.  I am constantly talking with people about life, dating, marriage and being single.  Most in their 20’s and 30’s and I have began to ask the questions of why? Why are so many people not taking the plunge into the covenant…

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Are you a Victim or Victor?

I don’t know if you have ever experienced the messiness of life, but it can be tough sometimes to want to continue to keep moving forward.  I want to ask you, what do you do when you face trials?  When you lose your job? When your boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you?  When you feel like…

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Waiting and Watching

He became very protective of his emotions and who he gave his heart to.  Maybe it had been from past experiences with girls not caring for his most prize possession. But one thing was for sure, it would take a special woman to capture the heart of this man.   She would have to be willing…

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She Was Perfect Until…

Everything about you seems unreal as I wonder if this is just a dream?  The sparkle in your eyes when you say hello just melts my heart because I know that look goes deep into my soul and speaks directly to every flutter that awakens the butterflies from within my stomach.  Your smile lights up…

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What do women really desire?

There is a lack of Real Godly Men out there… Ladies, do you find this statement true? I feel like I hear this all the time from the girls inside the church.  Godly women that are waiting for that man to rise up and swoop them off their feet by their godly character and integritous leadership….

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