Look what I got!

Two men had just walked through the gates of heaven to see a sign that said: “GET YOUR TREASURES HERE”.  They both jumped in line to see what they would receive. The first man walks up to the desk and the clerk asks, “What was your name on earth?”   He replied “Modest Jones”.   The Clerk…

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What I learned from KADO

Let’s rewind back to the beginning, when it all got started… The Year was 2001, and I was talking to a coworker about animals when she said her dog just had a bunch of puppies that she had to get rid of.  I knew that I couldn’t have a dog because my apartment wouldn’t allow…

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I – The One Letter Word

There is something about that word I.  One of the smallest words in the English dictionary yet has so much meaning.  When we use the word I it points back to our actions, our character, our desires, our past and everything that is related to ME.  Which according to the world is great.  Be an…

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