My Life

As I sit here and go through old pictures of me as a child up until today, I look back at my life and see all the amazing times that I had.  All the blessings and the experiences that God has allowed me to be involved in has brought great awe to me through it…

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I miss the good old days before social media

Oh the times have changed and I really miss the good ol’ days!   I miss the days when we didn’t have so much technology and ways to “stay connected” or “really be unconnected”.  In reality the more social media I get involved with the more I feel like we are going backwards in time and…

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My trip to back to America.

My time here in the USA Recently I had an opportunity to come back to Los Angeles to shoot a wedding, and to take care of some things. A buddy picked me up from the airport and took me to my house because I was super excited to see my dog, Kado. So I snuck…

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An Unfamiliar Face

He walked through the doors for the first time not knowing where to turn.  Only finding himself with a strong desire to go to church.  He had tried things of the world; a crazy lifestyle, parties, girls, drugs, sex and alcohol.  Hopeless and unfulfilled turning to new territory with an open heart looking for true…

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When you live in the big city, there are always tons of things to do.  Your life becomes about the “go, go, go”.   We can be in the middle of doing something and wondering what we are going to do next.  When we find ourselves at a point where we aren’t doing anything, we feel…

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I can’t do it without you.

This world is extremely tempting and packages things to look really good and fulfilling!  I can’t count how many times I have fallen into those temptations in my lifetime.  The money, the girls, the popularity, you name it has been in my face trying to get me to give in.  When I moved to LA…

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