Singleness, the unbearable sin.

I have been lucky enough to experience 37 years on this earth. Most of that life has been single.  When I was 19, I fully committed my life to Jesus and decided that I wasn’t going to waste my time pouring into something that was only going to gratify my sexual desires.  I wanted something…

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A Christian Man’s perspective of a desirable woman

Years ago I was asked a very unique question about what I found beautiful in a woman.  My answer consisted of a bunch of features that I liked and all based on appearance.  I would also throw in the “she must also love Jesus”, just to hit some areas of character and not sound to…

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Am I Unworthy of Marriage!

Sometimes in life we can’t fully understand the bigger picture of why we have to go through what we experience.  All we can do, is have hope in God, for He knows what is best for us and allows us to struggle through trials to build our character to become more like Him.  For me,…

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Waiting and Watching

He became very protective of his emotions and who he gave his heart to.  Maybe it had been from past experiences with girls not caring for his most prize possession. But one thing was for sure, it would take a special woman to capture the heart of this man.   She would have to be willing…

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Hope is an interesting thing.  I really was curious to see what Mr. Webster had to say about it, and he even seemed a little confused with giving a strong definition.  In the Verb format used with an object he says it means “to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.”   It is basically…

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