My Life

As I sit here and go through old pictures of me as a child up until today, I look back at my life and see all the amazing times that I had.  All the blessings and the experiences that God has allowed me to be involved in has brought great awe to me through it…

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He only wanted ONE thing.

Life began to get really busy and work started to take priority in his life.  He had the entire family relying on him to make money so that they could eat and have a roof over their heads.  But as work required more from him, his time became less and less with his family and…

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I Want To Go Home

Stuck in a hospital bed, full of pain and endless thoughts going through his mind of his near future. The doctors told us it was a matter of time before he would die, so we spend as much time as we could with him. As the family gathered in the room enjoying our time with…

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