Talking your SELF up.

We live in a society of people who are extremely confident in themselves. We look to idolize talent and elevate humans as somebody to be like. And that causes people to want to strive to be in the spotlight and get that recognition. When I first moved to LA, I notice a commonality in the…

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A girl name ENTITLED!

I ran into a girl named Entitled yesterday.  She had a very interesting story.  From a young age she had been born into a family that gave her everything that she wanted.  “No” was not in her vocabulary because the parents felt that if they said “no”, it would take away her happiness.  As she…

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Life as a Missionary

I really wish I could sit here and tell you that living a life as a missionary is pretty simple, but the reality of it is that not everybody can do this.  Not everybody is willing to give up their comforts of life and walk by faith into the unknown, having to fully trust God…

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The older I get the more I realize how hard this life can be.  Things don’t always go according to plan and when things are really good, somebody is always there to stomp on your parade.  Sometimes we even encounter things in life that can be a huge blow to us, like death or disease;…

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Anything Beyond is a Blessing.

What if you could change your entire perspective on life and everything around you started to take a different shape in how you saw things?  What if you started to look at the things you have, and those items became enough? Over the last couple years God has really been doing that in my life. …

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The Relationship Tank

The other day I was filling up my gas tank and started thinking about what you put into your car and how it actually matters.  There is something very specific that is needed to make your car move, and that is gas.  If I try to put anything else into the gas tank, it will…

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You might call me weird, but from the start I have always been a math person.  There is something about problem solving with a definite answer that I loved to try and figure out.  I started with learning how to count my ninja turtles, then moved into the more advanced stuff as I got older. …

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I don’t need God

I grew up in a small little town of Central California.  My Mom and Dad both worked full time jobs to provide for the family and although there were times where it was extremely tight with money and things got hard, they were never in a position where they couldn’t handle things on their own. …

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You did WHAT? For free?

Almost 3 years ago God called me to leave everything behind and just go.  Not knowing what I was getting into I soon came to realize that the visa that I ended up coming to New Zealand on was very specific.  As long as I worked for the church and was paid through them, I…

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Get It Yourself

Growing up my dad use to tell me if I wanted something, I have to go get it myself because he wasn’t going to pay for it.  So at a young age that is what I did.  At 14 I went out and got a job working at a dry cleaner shop for a big…

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