A Christian Man’s perspective of a desirable woman

Years ago I was asked a very unique question about what I found beautiful in a woman.  My answer consisted of a bunch of features that I liked and all based on appearance.  I would also throw in the “she must also love Jesus”, just to hit some areas of character and not sound to…

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Are you a Victim or Victor?

I don’t know if you have ever experienced the messiness of life, but it can be tough sometimes to want to continue to keep moving forward.  I want to ask you, what do you do when you face trials?  When you lose your job? When your boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you?  When you feel like…

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Words Came out!

Recently God has been showing me the power of speaking words and how they really can effect people.  So many times I have been talking with somebody and all of a sudden words start coming out of my mouth and I can’t stop them!!   Sometimes they have been really wise and totally from the Lord,…

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What would they say?

There is something amazing when two people come together and a connection is made. Think of marriage for instance. That second when their eyes connect for the first time and nothing else in the world matters because they are so enthralled by each other. That connection is a very special thing! But this doesn’t always…

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She Was Perfect Until…

Everything about you seems unreal as I wonder if this is just a dream?  The sparkle in your eyes when you say hello just melts my heart because I know that look goes deep into my soul and speaks directly to every flutter that awakens the butterflies from within my stomach.  Your smile lights up…

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Will guys notice me?

As her beauty developed she tried to find comfort in that billboard of what society said was attractive. That look of an outward appearance being flawless.  As she looked in the mirror to compare she knew she would have to make make many changes because she wasn’t even close to looking like that. Her hair…

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Does it Matter?

Today I looked in the mirror and noticed something for the first time. It was pretty crazy what this little thing was, but it really made me wonder how life could be changing so fast! It seemed to be in hyper drive with no stop button; memories in the past and a short future here…

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What do women really desire?

There is a lack of Real Godly Men out there… Ladies, do you find this statement true? I feel like I hear this all the time from the girls inside the church.  Godly women that are waiting for that man to rise up and swoop them off their feet by their godly character and integritous leadership….

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