Loving Jesus VS Being a Christian

I woke up with this on my mind and it really was a message to me. But I decided to write it because I know it will impact many others that call themselves Christians. When I was 13 I gave my life to Jesus and started to call myself a Christian. I would pick up…

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Need a Relationship Reset?

Smart phones can be a love / hate relationship for me.  When you first get them they are super fast and everything normally works just the way you want them to.  Click a button and boom your application is up and running.  But what happens, is then you start to install more apps. You add…

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For the love of Money

Growing up I was really into this group called Bone Thugs N Harmony.  They were the pioneers of tongue twisting rap, where they would flow out super quick rhymes and make it sound really easy and smooth.  It was actually pretty impressive!  One year they came out with a song called “For the Love of…

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My birthday was yesterday and I realized that I am one year older.  Funny how that works!  Each year God takes you through a journey that will grow you, teach you and allow you to gain more wisdom.  The older you are, the more life experience you have, and that can either be good or…

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I really question if many human beings understand what true love is.  I have heard many different opinions on what people think it is, but when they have to pin it down to something simple it becomes a challenge.  They say things like its an emotion that they feel or something they enjoy.  Things they…

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Words Came out!

Recently God has been showing me the power of speaking words and how they really can effect people.  So many times I have been talking with somebody and all of a sudden words start coming out of my mouth and I can’t stop them!!   Sometimes they have been really wise and totally from the Lord,…

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I have read the letter from Paul to Timothy countless times and never have I read this part until last night.  For the first time God was opening up my eyes to this one line that had so much depth and meaning in it.  I can’t find much about Demas in the bible but we…

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Get It Yourself

Growing up my dad use to tell me if I wanted something, I have to go get it myself because he wasn’t going to pay for it.  So at a young age that is what I did.  At 14 I went out and got a job working at a dry cleaner shop for a big…

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A Fairytale come true!

I really hate to admit to this but I remember as a child watching Disney movies and there was always one common theme.  “And they lived Happily Ever After.”  It was this idea of a fairy-tale dream that two people waited their entire life to find that right person, and when they did, everything was…

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It not you, It’s me!

They seemed like such a perfect couple.  They spent years building up this relationship and it just looked to be an example to what so many people longed for.  Day after day things just got better and better.  They were inseparable!  Every waking hour they thought about each other and just wanted to spend all…

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