It seems like every where we turn now a days, somebody is diagnosed with some sort of life threatening disease. I have experienced this first hand in my family with my dad being attacked with cancer. That was the first time that I saw a disease take over a body and destroy what was once healthy.

When you first find out that somebody has cancer, immediate your heart sinks and a million thoughts go through your head. Ultimately you come to a point where you have to decide what you are going to do. Will you just let the cancer overtake your body? Or will you do anything humanly possible to fight it and try to push it into remission. I don’t know anybody who has had cancer and said “I am going to just sit and do nothing”. We naturally are fighters when it comes to our life! We are willing to go to war, doing anything possible to kill the cancer that will kill us if we don’t attack it first. We want to put it to death so that we can have a full healthy life.

“Put to death”, those are are the same words that Paul uses in Colossians 3 when he is talking about our sinful nature. He tells us that it is an action that we are responsible for doing when it comes to our emotions and thoughts. We are to go to war over how we live our life because if we don’t, our flesh and sinful desire will destroy us. Although he is talking about our sinful nature and all that comes with it, he gives some specifics on what we need to control and Put to Death.



Why does Paul tell us to put these to death? It is because if you don’t they will destroy you, and all of your relationships. We have to go to war on our emotions and thoughts constantly to fight for the health of our Souls.

At the very beginning of Colossians 3 we are told that this is what Born Again Christians do. They battle the enemy by realizing who God is, and who we are in Christ. They KEEP SEEKING and THINKING about things ABOVE. We have to start with Christ and put our foundations in Him and be filling ourselves up with the word of God. The more we do that and fill our self up with God’s Spirit, the more we will be fit to PUT TO DEATH unhealthy emotions and thoughts. A warrior has to train to be victorious, just like daily we have to train our minds and heart to be like Christ.

I pray that today you start to PUT TO DEATH all that is not healthy in your life and PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR of GOD. That is how we will live our life to the fullest!


forgiven • December 8, 2017

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