FBBpeoplewatchingI use to sit and wonder why people did what they did and chose the lives that they do.  I have always loved people watching and trying to figure out their stories on how they became who they are today.  What decisions did they make and experiences did they have in order to become the person they are.  Over time you begin to see things from a whole new perspective.   Watching their reactions and how they spend their time and money begins to point you to who they worship and where their priorities are.  But If you looked at my life I am no different than anybody else.  We were all created to worship something, it is just a matter of what that something is.

Years ago my god wasn’t the same God I worship today.  It was money, fame, popularity, materialism, and other riches of this world that I believed to be my purpose of this life.  But something happened;  I gave up my life to Jesus and He began to wreck my life for the better.   My desires began to change and those things that I use to chase, became a bad taste in my mouth.  Now, all that money that I use to spend on me is something that I get to give to people and bless their lives in order to share the good news of how Jesus changed my life.  The materialism, all gone and I am free from worrying about things that will rust and fade away.  Popularity and fame, I run from it because I know what it comes with.  It comes with a life of destruction and self righteousness, only taking me away from Christ.

I still people watch and even some of my best friends are still chasing those things that will over take their heart if they are not careful to put God first.  None of us are free from the temptations of this world but we have to remember that things of this life are temporary, but a life with Christ is permanent.  If Christ is not the center of our life, than we really need look at our lives and see who we call God.  No person, no amount of money, no material, no amount of attention can ever take the place of Jesus Christ.  My heart hurts to see people chase the things of this world because I have been down that path and found nothing but heartache, pain, and total emptiness.  Let’s keep fighting the good fight and lay down our life so that we can be obedient to the life that God has for us.


forgiven forgiven • December 7, 2015

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