Anything Beyond is a Blessing.

What if you could change your entire perspective on life and everything around you started to take a different shape in how you saw things?  What if you started to look at the things you have, and those items became enough? Over the last couple years God has really been doing that in my life. …

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The Relationship Tank

The other day I was filling up my gas tank and started thinking about what you put into your car and how it actually matters.  There is something very specific that is needed to make your car move, and that is gas.  If I try to put anything else into the gas tank, it will…

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I am to blame, not you!

Pride can come in many different ways, but no matter how you look at it, it is still stemmed in selfishness.  I look back a long time ago when I was together with my ex-girlfriend and I knew that it was time that the relationship was coming to an end.  We just were not a…

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Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

Growing up, we all remember our parents telling us certain things that we thought were just to control us and take away our fun.  And right after that comes those famous last words, “Just wait until you have kids and you will see!”  For me my mom was always wanting to know what I was…

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The Center of Gain

It’s funny the things we do when we want something.  People will react in different ways according to how they learned to get what they wanted when they were growing up.  If you are use to getting your way and something stops you from doing that, we all resort back to finding a way to…

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You might call me weird, but from the start I have always been a math person.  There is something about problem solving with a definite answer that I loved to try and figure out.  I started with learning how to count my ninja turtles, then moved into the more advanced stuff as I got older. …

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I really question if many human beings understand what true love is.  I have heard many different opinions on what people think it is, but when they have to pin it down to something simple it becomes a challenge.  They say things like its an emotion that they feel or something they enjoy.  Things they…

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I don’t need God

I grew up in a small little town of Central California.  My Mom and Dad both worked full time jobs to provide for the family and although there were times where it was extremely tight with money and things got hard, they were never in a position where they couldn’t handle things on their own. …

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Words Came out!

Recently God has been showing me the power of speaking words and how they really can effect people.  So many times I have been talking with somebody and all of a sudden words start coming out of my mouth and I can’t stop them!!   Sometimes they have been really wise and totally from the Lord,…

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You did WHAT? For free?

Almost 3 years ago God called me to leave everything behind and just go.  Not knowing what I was getting into I soon came to realize that the visa that I ended up coming to New Zealand on was very specific.  As long as I worked for the church and was paid through them, I…

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