When it rains it pours

Have you ever been in a situation where it got tough and you felt like it was impossible to get through it?  Even to a point where depression kicks in and you want to just give up on life?  And then the unthinkable.. MORE bad stuff happens!  What is up with that?  One thing after…

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I can’t believe an innocent man died for me

I have to confess that I have broken the law countless times and have murdered, lied, committed adultery, and many other things that are unthinkable.  I have done all these things and more and know deep down in my heart that they were wrong and deserve severe punishment…  even death.  All I could do is…

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I can’t do it without you.

This world is extremely tempting and packages things to look really good and fulfilling!  I can’t count how many times I have fallen into those temptations in my lifetime.  The money, the girls, the popularity, you name it has been in my face trying to get me to give in.  When I moved to LA…

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A Parched Soul

The land was dry and water was not something that they could just go to the store and get.  It is extremely scarce and would take hours just to get to the nearest water source.  Daily, people of this village would wake up in the morning just to travel to get something that was a…

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Labor In Vain

One morning I woke up totally stressed about what I had to do for the day.  I jumped out of bed quickly got ready and drove to work to get right into my day.  I was just bombarded with graphic job after graphic job and it was pretty overwhelming.  Then I rushed from work to…

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