Think About it.

I was going through the scriptures this morning during my quiet time at the coffee shop and something hit me pretty hard.    Proverbs 14:15   “A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thought to his steps”.   A simple man here refers to those who are persuaded easy because they lack Judgment…

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I was sitting in my room the other day and I turn to my right to see a big lug of fur looking up at me with big eyes wanting some attention, so I reach down to pet my dog and start to wonder if he ever gets lonely.  I know I have been lonely…

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Chasing After Emotionalism

I have mention before in previous notes that I am some what of a hopeless romantic chasing after an emotional high that will provide a feeling of great joy.  God has made us in a way that allows us to experience life with emotions.  After all, life would be pretty boring if we didn’t experience…

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We all Worship Something

One day when I was younger my mom took us to go shopping and I remember walking past the jewelry section only to look over to see a GOLD CROSS necklace.  Although I had no idea what the cross meant, I did know that my brother wore one, and he was REALLY cool. He was…

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I am in Love!

I am in Love!! Every time I think about her my stomach flutters with butterflies and I can’t control these emotions that overtake my every thought.  This uncontrollable desire to want to spend my every moment with her causes the romantic side of me to create ways to get out of my normal routine so…

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Why are you so angry?

I am not a very angry person and in fact I am extremely calm and collective in most situations, but I have been thinking about anger and why we get so mad all the time. I was driving home from work bumpin my worship music, singing and praising to the Lord probably looking like an…

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Wow, She is truly Beautiful!

As I looked over, there she was, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her eyes lit up the room and just gave her a glow that would pull any guy in.  When she would smile, all heads would turn because they couldn’t resist her beauty.   Even though she had tons of guys…

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“Only You Can Prevent Wildfires” Smokey the Bear

This morning I was thinking about fire and how fast it can spread if not taken care of quick enough.  This is a perfect representation of sin in our lives. It all begins with a sinful thought.  At that point we have two options, we can feed the flame and watch it grow or we…

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Genie in a Bottle?

As I was driving to work this morning one of my favorite Rappers of all time, Tupac Shakur, came on the radio and I started to sing along to the Lyrics.  As I was singing I started to listen to what he was rapping and it hit me how off his view of God was….

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It also effects others.

What other people don’t know won’t hurt them, right?  We tend to compromise our sin by thinking that if we do something then that won’t effect others. We can see that is far from the truth and everything that we do doesn’t only effect our life but it could effect the lives of those around…

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