A Christian Man’s perspective of a desirable woman

Years ago I was asked a very unique question about what I found beautiful in a woman.  My answer consisted of a bunch of features that I liked and all based on appearance.  I would also throw in the “she must also love Jesus”, just to hit some areas of character and not sound to…

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Veterans Day

Thank You Veterans for your Sacrifice.

Nowadays living in America, I find that we don’t understand the true meaning of what it took to actually have all the freedoms that we today.  The rights to vote, the freedom of speech, and all the comforts that we get to experience living in this beautiful country. The more I think about the history…

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Are we enabling our children?

I have been thinking a lot about how I was raised and how blessed I was to have a family that really trained me up to be able to live my life on my own.  They pushed me to work at a young age and didn’t spoil me to a point of taking away my…

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I AM FORGIVEN.  I have had countless people ask me what that means and where it comes from.  They ask, Forgiven?  What did you do?  Or ask what I have been forgiven from? When I started Forgiven Photography, I wanted to do something that had more meaning than just taking pictures for people.  I wanted…

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Will you be forgotten?

We are but a vapor and then forgotten.  As much as I want to believe that my life means so much more, the reality is that within a couple generations I will be forgotten.  I will be a piece to my family lineage that is never thought about or remembered.  That is the reality!  Only…

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Unrealistic Marriage Expectations

At the age of 18 I was engaged to a woman whom I thought I was going to marry. I had it all figured out and was the master of marriage; so I thought. What I have learned over the years from my relationships and from watching others, is how far off I was when…

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His name was James

It was my last day in Chicago and we wanted to go down to see this thing called the BEAN.  This huge weird shaped reflective piece of art in the middle of downtown.  As we walked up to where it was there was this really happy homeless guy that wanted to talk to us.  I…

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wants vs needs chart

Wants VS Needs

Guys, I am not sure if you have ever experienced this, but this is something that God had shown me.  We live in a world that gets WANTS and NEEDS so deeply intertwined that we can’t tell the difference between what is necessary to live and what we think we need to be happy. I…

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Put to Death all that is unhealthy!

It seems like every where we turn now a days, somebody is diagnosed with some sort of life threatening disease. I have experienced this first hand in my family with my dad being attacked with cancer. That was the first time that I saw a disease take over a body and destroy what was once…

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eaten alive

Eaten Alive

Eaten Alive “If nobody knows what I am doing, then it doesn’t matter and has no effect on others.”  That was my mentality and justification for doing things in secret and trying to feel better about doing what I shouldn’t be involved in.  What happened was, I ended up going deeper and deeper into a…

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