Through the years, I have created a protective shield from failure. I hate failure with a passion because my whole life had been trying to earn acceptance from people. And when I didn’t get it, I felt like I had failed them and myself. That feeling of letting people down was a pattern in my younger years, and it carried over into my early 20’s. My life became about rising above so that people would see me as somebody who could be counted on. But the more I walked with Christ, the more I saw that my focus was self-motivated. It was more about me feeling good about myself instead of glorifying the Lord.

I learned that failure takes a hit at our pride, so when something comes at our “self”, we tend to shy away and not want to hit it straight on. We would rather not put ourselves in that position because if we fail, we are the ones to blame. So many times in my life I have been afraid to step up and make things happen, putting preventative excuses in the way just in case I do fail, I will have something to fall back on. It’s really easy to sit back and just wait for things to happen, to be asked to do something. When we wait for this, we do the minimums looking for ways out just in case we want to give up or face opposition. Then if somebody comes at us pointing the finger for what we have done, our pride will rise trying to protect our “self”. Those excuses that we have gather during the time of an attempt to make things happen immediately arise to take the focus off “self” and to point the blame on something else.   If we were asked to do something, the easiest excuse is to tell our self, we didn’t want to do it in the first place. Then we don’t have to take full ownership in the matter leaving our “self” away from blame.

We constantly are trying to find ways to protect our image and pride from allowing people to have an excuse to put the blame on us. The problem with this is that it prevents us from taking chances and breaking down walls to go into places that are beyond our comfort zone. We hold on to those excuses just in case, but that is exactly what weighs us down and not allowing us to make the jump into the unknown world of blessings. Instead of living in a place of trying to protect our “self” I want to encourage you to set your “self” aside and listen to what God is calling you to do. Step up and trust God by walking into the unknown. You can only do this if you are willing to live a life of humility and humbleness because laying down your life isn’t easy. In fact, it will be hard, even to the point of persecution and living a life that will require you to walk by faith, fully trusting God.

So whatever excuses you are storing up, or if you are waiting for somebody to ask you to do something that God has already asked you to do, set that aside and just do it. When God lays something on your heart, rise to the occasion and see what He does through you. You have no need for excuses because there is no failure in Christ. What he calls you to, He will get you through.


forgiven forgiven • December 28, 2014

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