They seemed like such a perfect couple.  They spent years building up this relationship and it just looked to be an example to what so many people longed for.  Day after day things just got better and better.  They were inseparable!  Every waking hour they thought about each other and just wanted to spend all of their time together.  The way he would look at her would tell her that he wasn’t going anywhere and his love for her would never fade.  He would lay down his life for this woman because he knew how much he loved her!  Nothing could ever get in the way of loving this woman with all his heart.

Time had passed and they had hired a new girl at his work.  This is when his focus began to change.  She was absolutely beautiful and he couldn’t help but look at her and wonder if she would be a better choice then the love of his life now.  Every time he was around her, he would start to compare them and doubt started to creep into his mind.  The girl that he was so in love with now began to lose that edge because of this new girl in his life.  Was she prettier than the new girl?  Was she more fun to be around?  Did she look at me the same way?  He had question after question about who was the better choice.  So he decided that he had to talk to his girlfriend and let her know that he needed time to think things through.

He approached her and said I have been really thinking about things and am not sure if our relationship is working out.  I am not sure if we can move forward from here.  Immediately she began to have a hundred different scenarios of what she did wrong and wonder why she wasn’t good enough for him.  But as she was thinking this, he said to her “It is me, not you.”

These are always hard words to hear, but in all reality it is just as hard to admit this then to tell somebody the truth.  Some people will use that excuse just to make somebody feel better about themselves to break up and move on with a less guilty conscience.  But many times that statement “It is me, not you” is so true.  Especially in the story above where he had something beautiful but decided to compromise and compare her to somebody else.  We can not compare people and push the blame on others for not meeting our expectations.  There is a deeper issue at hand and that is YOU.  When we compromise, there is nobody to blame but ourselves, we are the ones that allowed things to go too far and we have to take full responsibility.

This applies to every part of our lives.  I was sitting in church the other day and realized that my mind was wondering all over the place, critiquing everything I could.  The pastor didn’t do it this way, the chairs were uncomfortable, or the music was not how I liked it.  Because I was comparing everything, my mind was in a place of selfish ambition and the whole purpose of going to church was missed.  I couldn’t worship God because I wanted things my way.  I was the problem, not the church.  It was me, not them!  So we have to address our hearts and why we do things, and when we put our focus where it should be, we don’t have to worry about messing up our lives.  We don’t have to compare things when we already have what is best, we just have be thankful that God has given us those blessings already.

Don’t look elsewhere and ruin your blessings but remember that when it is from God, embrace it and never let it go!


forgiven forgiven • February 19, 2016

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