I have to confess that I have broken the law countless times and have murdered, lied, committed adultery, and many other things that are unthinkable.  I have done all these things and more and know deep down in my heart that they were wrong and deserve severe punishment…  even death.  All I could do is wait for my court date to see what my punishment was.  There was no turning back because the damage was done.

The court date came and I stood before the judge in total guilt knowing that I had broken the law. Because of what I did I knew the punishment was going to be severe.  After all the evidence pointing to me being guilty, the judge (who was a judge of justice) stood up and gave his verdict of the death penalty.   I was done, my life was over, and the only thing I had to look forward to was death.

As the judge was closing up his things a man walked in and got his attention and what happened next was unheard of.  He pointed at me and said “I will take that punishment upon myself so that he may have life.”  I could not believe what I was hearing.  Why would a man do something like that?  Why would he give his life for me who deserved the punishment that I was given?

So I asked him.  “Why would you do something like that?”

He looked me straight in the eyes and said “My death is the only way to fulfill this punishment for your lawlessness and I am willing to lay my life down because I love you.”

Over two thousand years ago an innocent man died for my lawlessness so that I might have life.  That same man died for you too.

We are all sinners and have all broken God’s Law and will stand before Him on that Day of Judgment.  If you have broken any of the Ten Commandments (Lied, Adultery = Dirty thoughts, Murder = Anger) then you will be found guilty and condemned to Hell because of your sin.  BUT, God doesn’t want you to go there and has sent Jesus to die for your sins so you that you can go to heaven.  In order for that grace and mercy to apply, you have to repent (Turn from your sins) and Trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

I am thankful that Christ has paid for my sins and hope you will experience the same Joy that I have experience in Him!


  1. Knowing that Christ has come in and taken the punishment for all our sins, how do we live our life?
  2. Have you surrendered your life to Christ?

forgiven • October 17, 2011

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