I AM FORGIVEN.  I have had countless people ask me what that means and where it comes from.  They ask, Forgiven?  What did you do?  Or ask what I have been forgiven from?

When I started Forgiven Photography, I wanted to do something that had more meaning than just taking pictures for people.  I wanted it to encompass my faith and love for Jesus Christ.  As I was looking for trigger words to cause people to strike up conversations, this word Forgiven popped into my mind and held so much power for me.  I knew that my testimony consisted of a pretty crazy lifestyle that would require me to man up and carry the consequences for the choices I made.  I learned that one day I would have to give an account for every sin I did against God and there were many!

I was in need of a Savior from the destruction that I brought on, and had no way out.  Jesus came knocking on my heart and changed it all.  When I believed in Jesus and dedicated my life to following after him, something in me changed and I started to learn the meaning of true forgiveness.  Because of him taking upon the punishment for what I deserved, He stepped in and died on a cross so that I would be forgiven.  There is nothing I did, it was God who accepted Jesus sacrifice so that I could have life to the fullest.  It is that forgiveness of sins that I am forever thankful, and that is why I chose that word to reach out through the gifts that God has given me.
That is how IAMFORGIVEN came into existence, through what God has done in my life.

I AM FORGIVEN, through the blood of Christ and you can be too.

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forgiven forgiven • September 7, 2018

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