He just didn’t see it….

He had been given a gift that was from God and because of all the walls that had been built up there was no way for Him to see what was right in front of him.  This woman was perfect for him; the connection they had was amazing, but there was something that was preventing him from opening his eyes to this blessing.

Each year this wall became bigger, and his critical spirit grew stronger.  Everything that she did he questioned, and that caused him to search for those things that would prevent him from seeing the good in this perfect match.  He just wasn’t willing to set aside this lie that he had been so engulfed in that his reality of a real woman became tainted by this idea that he could get that perfect woman.  His checklist grew as he found that the more he lived life, the more he began to give up hope on every getting married.  He came to the conclusion that this girl wasn’t the right one for him because she was flawed.  She wasn’t what he saw on tv and because of that, he was willing to set aside what could be something amazing and leave things at just a friend.  Those walls were too thick and stiff in his life break down.

But as the stress of trying to make a relationship stopped, something happened.  His heart became soft, and he stopped seeing her as somebody who was just identified by her appearance and began to see her in a new light.  Her true beauty started to shine through her character in Christ.  Suddenly that wall that he wasn’t willing to break down started just to crumble on its own.  Her beauty began to pierce his heart to a point where she became the most beautiful girl in the world to Him.  Her love for people was filled with the love of God, and everything that he wasn’t willing to see before started to shine so strong that began to wonder if he made a mistake in how he saw her.

He was now captivated by her and was ready to see if there was anything there.  This love that she had far outweighed any flaw that she had.  In fact, those flaws made her more beautiful, and it became the reason that he wanted to be with her.  All the walls had crumbled down, and he was ready to pursue her into the next level of a relationship.  He was ready!!!

So just as he had worked up the courage to talk to her, she said to him that she had some good news.  Excited and hoping that she would see a change in his heart and a stronger interest, she looks at him and says, “I started dating this guy, and things are good.”

Crushed by hearing this news, and full of regret that it took way to long for that wall to be broken down, he put a fake smile on his face and said he was happy for her.  This was the woman that he finally was able to love fully and yet he wasn’t going to be able to give his heart away.  At this point, his mind broke out in doubts, regrets and struggled with this whole situation.

He thought to himself, “I can’t believe I didn’t see in the beginning and because of that I missed this God send.”

We can all look back at our life with regrets and wonder the what if’s.  What if I would have done this, or that, then I would have gotten what I wanted.  But when we dwell in the actions of our past we will find our self in a place of unforgiveness and struggle to move forward.  The past is the past, and we have to allow that to teach us how to live in the future.  There is nothing that we can do to change the past, but we have to realize that God is in control.  Even when we make mistakes and think we messed everything up, God is still in charge and has a plan for it.  We have to trust God and know that He wants what is best for us.

I hope this will encourage you to keep your trust in Christ through any heartache and know that God wants to see what is best for you.  Even if it means preventing you from getting into something that you think feels so right!  Trust God.



forgiven forgiven • May 6, 2015

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