Abraham was challenged with a situation that could have been the hardest choice that he could have ever possibly faced.  Around the ripe age of 75, God made a promise that through his lineage the Messiah would come into this world.  It wasn’t until 25 years later that he finally ushered his son Issac into this world who eventually would be the start of that ancestry.  I am sure that the bonds would have been tight and almost unbreakable, out of the thankful heart that Abraham would have had for his long awaited son.  About 15 years later God asked him to bring him up to the altar to be sacrificed.

If I was in that situation I don’t know if I could have done this, but out of the faith that Abraham had, he was faithful to go to the point of total obedience to what God had called him to do.  He fully trusted in God and knew that no matter how hard it was, that God was in control and would do what was best.

I believe that we all will be brought to a place where we will be called to sacrifice our most prize possession.  For some it could be a relationship, material things, jobs, school, or even your dreams.  But there will come a time when we will be required to have full faith in God and be willing to lay down at the altar the thing that means the most to us.  To be willing to put it to death in full trust that God is on the throne of our life.

At that point He will do one of two things.  One, He will allow you to kill (Remove) that which is being sacrificed.  Or two, He will allow you to keep it and put something else in place of it.  Either way, it comes down to how much you fully trust God with your everything.

If you are willing to lay it down, and He does kill (remove) it, than know that God didn’t allow you to have it because it wasn’t in your best interest or because you were putting it before Him.  If He does allow you to keep it, then He knows that you are willing to put Him first over it.  This requires total faith in God and allows you the freedom to fully trust that He is in control.

It is not easy, but faith requires action!

What is God calling you to lay down at the altar?


forgiven forgiven • April 10, 2016

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